Jennifer Aniston Talks Wedding Rumors, Channels Kim Kardashian With Ellen Degeneres

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow on Jimmy Kimmel
Is Jennifer Aniston getting married sometime soon?!

Jennifer appears on The Ellen Degeneres show airing Tuesday, November 25th, where she discusses her impending wedding nuptials (OMG) to hottie fiancé Justin Theroux, and gets silly with Ellen Degeneres by augmenting her breast size about tenfold during a game of “Last Word”!

Sounds like there’s going to be a big wedding coming up, but we’ll never know until it’s already over! Ellen asked the Horrible Bosses actress about the rumors of her very “secretive” wedding, and finding out about the “ifs” and “whens”, to which Jennifer responded:

“It’s funny actually our friends Sacha [Baron Cohen] and Isla [Fisher] have shown up for four parties, four little gatherings, about a year ago, they would show up in beautiful wedding wear. Even like the 4th of July last year, they showed up and Sacha was in a powder blue suit and Isla was in a little cute dress. And we were like guys it’s the 4th of July we’re in cutoffs and eating hotdogs. We will actually let you know!”

Ellen recalls, “That one time, remember, Portia [De Rossi] and I called because it was very secretive. It was like, ‘There may be a thing this weekend. We’ll let you know… Because it wasn’t like just to come over. It was like we’ll let you know where it is and what time if you can make it. We were like, ‘Oh, should we make it?'”

“But you didn’t come,” Jennifer said. With a laugh, Ellen replied, “We didn’t come because we heard we didn’t need to!”

The 45-year-old later bared her “assets” during a game of “Last Word”, in which they must use “anything you have to say instead of saying a bad word.” Wearing a short red jacket from Ellen’s dressing room, suddenly Jennifer’s boobs start growing larger and larger!

“This is what my version of the Kim K [is], but the forward one!”

See Jennifer’s boobs grow in the video above!