Kendall Jenner ‘Changes the Face of Fashion’ in New ‘Dazed’ Magazine Cover

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Kendall Jenner is continuing along in her climb to the top of the fashion industry, adding to her ever-growing resume by being named one of the top cultural renegades of her generation.

British fashion magazine Dazed picked the 19-year-old reality star as the cover girl for their 100 issue which features the top influential “rebels” of the entertainment industry who are “changing the face of fashion, film, art and music.”

The magazine debuted three covers featuring Kendall.  One in black and white, showing the star wide-eyed with long lashes and a structured bob cut with bangs.  The model wears an over-sized coat clenched to show off her teeny tiny waist.

The second cover debuts Jenner in a futuristic ensemble complete with a matching helmet and teddy bear.  The teen makes the same mouth agape face as the first cover.

Finally, the third cover combines the first two together in a puzzle-like layout, juxtaposing the colorful, futuristic image against the black and white throwback–a vision that matches the theme of the magazine’s issue: “changing the face of fashion.”

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old has been busy with another new endeavor: being named the newest face of Estee Lauder.  Jenner  announced the new gig last week and has since been busy promoting the brand in several interviews.