Kids Tell Russell Brand They Want Katy Perry at Their Thanksgiving Dinner: Watch His Response!

Katy's Divorce Regret
What does Katy Perry regret about her Russell Brand marriage?
When Russell Brand signed up to learn about Thanksgiving from a classroom full “genuine Americans” A.K.A. a group of elementary school students, I don’t think he expected that his ex-wife Katy Perry would come up in conversation.

As a part of his appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael, the actor sat in on a classroom to get the facts about the turkey-filled holiday and instead ended up going home with the fact that lots of kids are big fans of the “Dark Horse” singer.

When he went around the room asking the students who they’d like to have at their Thanksgiving dinner, one little girl pointed at him and said “I would want to invite tou!” which he took very graciously.

However, when it was the next little girl’s turn to answer, she decided she’d rather have someone else at her table: “Katy Perry,” she answers with a smile, leaving Brand a little shocked.

“Hm. Katy Perry.  I don’t know who that is,” he retorts before quickly moving on to the next student.

Finally, at the end of the clip, Brand expresses his gratitude for the experience–it is Thanksgiving–and leaves the audience with this: “I, Russell Brand, an Englishman, and a hurtful mention of my ex-wife, have a much better understanding of Thanksgiving the tradition.”

Watch Brand’s hilarious experience in the video above!