Tuesday Ten: Gift Guide for the Technology Lover

Celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan shares his holiday gift guide
While we’re all busy thinking about Thanksgiving and getting ready to spend the next couple days overeating and evading questions like “So, who are you dating now?” we can’t forget that the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest day of the year for holiday shopping.

One of the best sales you’ll find is in the technology department–from iPhone necessities to music to gaming and more!  So to get you started thinking about what to buy for all your friends and family members who are total techies, today’s Tuesday Ten is dedicated to the best gadgets and accessories on the market.

Check it out and see where to buy them below:

1. Sass & Bide Headphones. Every girl needs a pair of fashionable headphones for work or play.  These ones match everything and are the perfect accessory for music and tech lovers alike.

2. iHome Bluetooth Speaker. Want to be able to play your music without having to connect your phone?  This iHome speaker is not only adorable, it’s also bluetooth–no connecting necessary!

3.  Wii U Gaming Console. If you have a friend or a family member who loves playing video games, the Wii U is an absolute necessity this year.  It allows players to see their screen on their controller for all possible gaming needs.

4. Google Chromecast. This is the perfect gift for your couch potato friends who love starting new shows every week.  Google Chromecast is a cheap ($35) and easy video streamer you plug into any free HDMI port on a TV.

5. Michael Kors for Duracell Powermat Charging Case. Any person who’s addicted to their phone needs two things: 1) a charger at all times and 2) a sweet phone case.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  This Michael Kors charging case is not only chic, it’s efficient for a techie’s charging needs.

6. iHome Bluetooth Alarm Clock. Imagine not having to reach for your phone and enter your passcode just to hit snooze on your alarm clock.  Well, now you can!  With this iHome Bluetooth Alarm Clock you can connect your phone without plugging it in.

7. Tile App.  Have a friend or family member who is continuously losing things?  Get them the Tile and the app that goes with it.  When you attach the Tile to whatever you lose–be it your keys, a purse or what have you–it connects to your phone to locates it right away.

8. Charge It! Station. Anyone who’s addicted to technology is always in need of a good charging system.  Get them this Charge It! Station so they can amp up all their gadgets at the same time.

9. Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone Photo Lens. I know you have at least 5 friends who absolutely LOVE snapping photos.  This 4-in-1 photo lens will help them take the most awesome photos and keep lasting memories–something they’ll never stop thank you for!

10. Alpine Headphones. Part of the joy of live music is the physical experience of the sound waves. With Alpine’s patented TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion technology, you can feel the sound reverberate through your body as you enjoy your own live music experience whenever, wherever.

What gifts are you planning to get for the tech lovers in your group of friends and family members?  Comment below!