WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Pulls Cringe-Worthy Interview Prank on Nervous Reporter

Jennifer Aniston is known as one of Hollywood’s nicest actresses and has no qualms laughing at herself during interviews.

However, in a recent sit down with BBC 1 Radio’s Chris Stark, the actress turned a bit nasty when he asked her about picking up guys in the club… Little did Stark know it was all a set up.

The 45-year-old actress was asked to prank the 27-year-old host and make it as uncomfortable as possible by his pal and co-host  Scott Mills.

So when Stark sat down to interview Aniston about her upcoming film Horrible Bosses 2–in which Aniston plays the role of a sex-addicted dentist–he asked, “As a famous person, how would you make the first move in a club?”

What he didn’t know is this question marked the point at which Mills and Aniston had planned to take the interview in a very negative direction, sending Stark into a quivering mess throughout the entire thing.

About 5 minutes into the interview, Mills finally enters and takes Stark out of his misery by explaining that the whole interview was a set up to be as awkward as possible.  A shaking Stark responded simply, “This is my actual nightmare right now.”

Watch the full hilariously uncomfortable interview play out in the video above!

Meanwhile, there’s also been much talk over another one of Aniston’s upcoming  and highly-anticipated films Cake.  The trailer for the dramatic comedy was released today, featuring Aniston as we’ve never seen her before.  The actress plays a woman addicted to pain killers who seeks help from a support group and eventually falls into a dubious relationship with a man whose wife committed suicide.

Aniston looks tired, beat down and bloated, wearing no makeup with greasy, brunette hair and appearing the exact opposite of the glamorous Hollywood A-lister we’ve always known.  The drastic transformation has the industry buzzing about a potential Oscar nomination.

Watch the trailer for the film below.

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