Watch: Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston Get Dirty in Celebrity Curse-Off

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Two of our favorite Friends Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow battled it out on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night for who could be more foul-mouthed on live TV!

Is there anything better than seeing our favorite cast members from our favorite old TV shows come together again to make us laugh by getting creatively down and dirty? Well, maybe besides watching Phoebe and Rachel go running through Central Park together…?

Jimmy Kimmel explained that they sometimes have to bleep and bloop things unnecessarily, so he puts that censoring to good use in a little head to head “Celebrity Curse-Off” where Lisa “gets French on us”. But then she follows up with a non-offensive “snap pants”! Does it affect her chances to take the win, or do Jennifer’s hyphenated expletives give her the title of champ?

Watch the whole video above to find out who wins, and see (not hear) their dirty words!

Honestly, who better a contender than Lisa Kudrow, whose character Phoebe once epically screamed out a string of expletives on Friends when she lost at Pac Man?!

Oh, the good old days.

Jennifer’s new movie Horrible Bosses 2 comes out Wednesday, and Lisa’s new show The Comeback airs Sunday nights on HBO. Happy Tuesday!