If Blue Ivy, North West, Prince George, and Other Celeb Kids Made Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys, They Might Look Like This

Thanksgiving Binge
Kate Middleton judges all that food you just ate.
Friends. Family. Health. New Beyoncé songs. These are all things one can be thankful for during this time of thanksgiving.

Another thing to be thankful for is our gallery of imagined celebrity child hand turkeys.

We spent some time creating hand turkeys from the perspective of celebrity kids like Blue Ivy Carter, Prince George, North West, Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and more.

It may come as a surprise to you that these hand turkeys were not, in fact, drawn by actual children. All hand turkeys in this gallery were drawn by fully-grown humans aged 20 to 50. (None of us are thankful for our lack of artistic skill.)

That said, we feel we have done a good job capturing the essence, if nothing else, of these famous children. We are thankful to have them all in our pop-culture-obsessed lives.

Now, click through our gallery of celebrity kid-inspired hand turkeys, and tell us which ones you like best! (The correct answer is: “ALL OF THEM!”)