Watch: Chris Pine is ‘A Single Man’, Serenades a Fan By Singing Frank Sinatra

Prince Charming Chris Pine revealed to Ellen Degeneres that he’s a handsome eligible bachelor who sings in the shower. Swoon. 

Then he proceeds to actually swoon a fan (aka a “pine nut”) into jelly by singing a beautiful rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind”. I think it’s safe to say most of us are now thankful for Chris Pine and his velvet voice this Thanksgiving.

Chris’s latest movie is Into the Woods (in theaters December 25th) in which he plays Cinderella’s (Anna Kendrick) super attractive, super swoon worthy Prince Charming.

Ellen then praised Chris for his marvelous looking “healthy tan”, saying “Look at that (shirtless picture of him) so you work out a lot too?”

To which he responded, “Well that’s again. Ellen, that’s a lot of fake tan…For the movies you gotta look healthy.”

Both Ellen and pine nuts, agree, “Well you do look healthy. Very healthy.”

Then one pine nut’s dreams came true when she was called up to the stage to nervously meet her prince charming, and that’s when he sang her a buttery couple of bars of “Summer Wind”. 

Chris is no stranger to Frank Sinatra; he auditioned for Into the Woods by singing “Fly Me to the Moon”!

Ladies, I’ll say it again, Chris is single. Watch the video above to see him talk with Ellen and meet his pine nut!