30 Celebrity Gym Selfies That’ll Wake You Up From That Food Coma

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After chowing down on that Thanksgiving feast, some inspiration is probably needed help motivate you to get back into the gym. Celebrities in Hollywood are known for getting into shape, so what is a better way to get help you get back into shape than by seeing your favorite celebs working out just as hard as you?

Justin Bieber is no stranger to the gym selfie and he definitely does not shy away from the camera when it comes to showing off his jaw-dropping six pack while pumping iron. Meanwhile, Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima are just some of the many hot Hollywood mamas who continue to look gorgeous no matter how sweaty they get!

In an effort to push ourselves after a long day of feasting, we thought taking a look at all these hot bodies would do us some justice in the gym department! After all, if we can’t get inspired by Kim Kardashian’s toned butt, what can we possibly be inspired by?

Launch the gallery above to check out more hot and sweaty celebrities hitting the gym.