40 Celebrities Getting Into the Black Friday Mood

Fall Fashion Tips!
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Considering that it’s Black Friday, it’s only right that we honor this day by rocking one of our favorite fall — and frankly, quite classic — colors.

Let’s face it: orange black is the new black. To prove this, we put together a gallery of your favorite celebrities working the timeless look of a one-toned ensemble.

Celebrities have rocked this look over the years for a multitude of reasons: it’s slimming, flattering, and can be effortlessly chic! Fashionistas also know that onyx clothing can be matched with pretty much any color of jewelry or lipstick, which makes it a leading choice for a fun night out or big event.

Take a sneak peek at the gallery above full of celebs showing us just how many options there to keep your fashion game on-point when it comes to wearing black!