Justin Bieber’s Dad Allegedly Threw Dog Off Second Story Balcony

Bieber's Bum
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Like father, like son… Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy Bieber can’t seem to get out of trouble these days.

The Biebs and his dad adopted an American Bulldog puppy named Karma about a year ago, but it looks like he was a bit more trouble than the famous father had anticipated.

According to Bieber’s dog trainer, Jeremy flew into an “angry rage” with Karma and ended up throwing him off a second story balcony into a snow bank after it bit Justin’s little brother Jaxon.

TMZ reports that Karma was living at Jeremy’s home in Canada, but it needed some major training–as all puppies do.  After it bit Jaxon, Jeremy went nuts, hurling the dog outside and telling Trevor Dvernichuk (the trainer) to take the dog and not bring it back until it was socialized.

However, Jeremy has a different story, telling police that Dvernichuk stole the dog.  The trainer tells TMZ he’ll give Karma back once he’s been paid for his services, though he’s still concerned about the pup’s welfare.