These Photos of Chrissy Teigen Kissing John Legend Will Make You Believe in True Love

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These celebrity couples aren't afraid of a little PDA!
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As you come off a Thanksgiving of answering questions from nosy relatives about why you’re still single and dread the forthcoming Christmas dinner filled with more questions about what happened to that nice boy/girl you used to date, please allow Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to remind you that true love exists.

On Monday, the couple were spotted adorably in love on the set of an outdoor photo shoot in New York City. Between kissing and walking their dog hand-in-hand, Teigen, 29, and Legend, 35, were packing plenty of PDA while looking oh-so squee-worthy.

In fact, the model even risked a wardrobe malfunction in her braless getup as she leaned out a car window to smooch her husband of one year. Now that’s dedication!

Days before the shoot, the couple were also snapping kissing photos on Instagram. Teigen captioned one of the PDA-heavy shots, “GroSsSssss I know. I just love him a lot.”

D’aww. Click through the gallery above to see more photos from their photo shoot this week!