Cops Called After Justin Bieber Skateboards Into Traffic

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Justin Bieber skateboards before Super Bowl 2014.
Biebs' Skateboarding Pics
See how well Justin Bieber does on the skateboard ramp.
Justin Bieber‘s skateboarding skills are getting a lot of of attention — but not in a good way.

Following a LA Clippers game in downtown Los Angeles Monday night, the singer and a bunch of his friends decided it would be fun to test their mortality by weaving in and out of traffic on their skateboards. Rightly so, this reckless act pissed off a lot of people and one motorist called the cops on Bieber, according to TMZ.

However, the authorities failed to catch Biebs riding dirty as the 20-year-old rolled out before his fellow saggy pants enthusiasts before the police arrived onto the seen.

Judging by a video of Bieber attempting to do an ollie that’s been circulating online since the incident, it’s safe to say that the cops didn’t really miss much. Maybe except a chance to see Bieber fall off his skateboard and embarass himself. #Swag.