Cops Called After Justin Bieber Skateboards Into Traffic

Watch Biebs Skate
Justin Bieber skateboards before Super Bowl 2014.
Biebs' Skateboarding Pics
See how well Justin Bieber does on the skateboard ramp.
Justin Bieber’s skateboarding skills are getting a lot of of attention — but not in a good way.

Following a LA Clippers game in downtown Los Angeles Monday night, the singer and a bunch of his friends decided it would be fun to test their mortality by weaving in and out of traffic on their skateboards. Rightly so, this reckless act pissed off a lot of people and one motorist called the cops on Bieber, according to TMZ.

However, the authorities failed to catch Biebs riding dirty as the 20-year-old rolled out before his fellow saggy pants enthusiasts before the police arrived onto the seen.

Judging by a video of Bieber attempting to do an ollie that’s been circulating online since the incident, it’s safe to say that the cops didn’t really miss much. Maybe except a chance to see Bieber fall off his skateboard and embarass himself. #Swag.