Has Justin Bieber Moved On From Selena Gomez? Singer Spotted with Model Hailey Baldwin

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Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin
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Selena's Heartbreak
Selena Gomez dedicates heartbreak song to Justin Bieber.
Has Justin Bieber moved on from his first love, Selena Gomez?

The 20-year-old singer has been spotted with model Hailey Baldwin for weeks. The two have been spending a lot of time together, so does this mean it’s over for Bieber and Gomez? Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think!

Bieber and Baldwin were first spotted together last month when they attended church with Kendall Jenner. Since then, the two have been seen together multiple times. Baldwin even celebrated her birthday with Bieber.

We’ve seen a lot of this couple on social media. Bieber has posted a few photos with Baldwin to Instagram. Here’s one photo of Bieber and Baldwin in New York City.

Here’s a photo of Bieber and Baldwin at the Los Angeles Clipper’s game last night.

Fans also posted a few photos of the couple on Twitter.



What do you think about this story? Would you like to see Bieber and Baldwin date? Or, would you like to see Bieber and Gomez get back together? Sound off in the comments!