Kendall Jenner Straddles Cara Delevingne on Cover of ‘Love’ Magazine

They share a career in modeling; they’re both considered the biggest names in fashion; they even have a common interest in similar men (cough cough Harry Styles)… And now it looks like Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are sharing a great love for each other.

The models have become best friends over the last year, and they aren’t afraid to show their affection for one another, showing it off on the cover of an upcoming edition of Love magazine.

The image features Kendall straddling Delevingne as she wraps her legs around the model with her hair flying forward.  In big, bold letters, the cover reads: “Kendall on Cara.”

Kendall took to Instagram to share the photo with the caption: “All you need is LOVE. #BestThingEver.”

The photo, which puts a twist on the typical man-and-woman romance shots, will be released in February–the month of love.

Speaking of love, both Kendall and Cara experienced an awkward run-in with Harry Styles, whom they both previously dated, on Monday night at the British Fashion Awards.  The girls were coming up a flight of stairs, hand-in-hand, when they ran into the One Direction crooner.  However, instead of ignoring him like some exes would do (Taylor Swift), they stopped to chat with him for a moment, proving there are no hard feelings.

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