Tuesday Ten: Gift Guide for the Food Lover

Happy December!!

With Thanksgiving behind us–though are stomachs still full from all the deliciousness that ensued–it’s time to move on to your holiday shopping.  We’ve already shared our Gift Guide for the Techie (hopefully you scored some Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with that!), but now it’s time think about another type of person we all have on our lists: the food lover!

There’s always someone in your family or group of friends whose claim to fame is their mad skills in the kitchen or behind the bar… So in honor of those beloved foodies, here’s our Gift Guide for the Food Lover (find out where to buy each item below!):

1. Slate Cheese Board.  Any foodie knows the importance of a good cheese and cracker plate.  This one allows the hostess to write the name of each cheese directly on the board!  Brilliant!

2. Snoopy Pancake Maker.  You’re not human if you don’t enjoy pancakes… Especially pancakes you can cook easily and perfectly in the shape of Snoopy and friends!

3. Never Ending Glass of Wine.  Most foodies also understand that a good glass of wine is essential to most meals… And by good, I mean never ending.

4. Fortune Cakes.  For our friends who are always baking us delicious treats, these cupcake wrappers come with little fortunes at the bottom of them… Because who said fortunes were only meant for cookies?!

5. Dessert and Coffee Serving Trays.  Another gift for our hostess friends!  Absolutely love these adorable labeled serving items for desserts and coffee!

6. Omaha Steaks.  For your hardcore foodies who love a good steakhouse, you can have it delivered right to their home!  The Omaha Steak Tasteful Gift comes with: 2 Filet Mignons, 2 Top Sirloins, 4 Omaha Steak Burgers, 4 Stuffed Baked Potatoes and 4 Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes… Yeah, mouth is watering.

7. Solstice Canyon Gourmet Almond Butters.  For your healthy/vegan/gluten-free and everything else friend, this almond butter trio will be their newest obsession! The flavors include Original, Cardamom & Clove, and Aztec Chocolate and are all made with imported organic European almonds, and are certified organic, raw, unpasteurized, vegan, non-gmo, and gluten-free. They are 100% natural and free of refined sugars.

8. Jose Cuervo Reserva, la Familia.  Reserva de la Familia is the world’s first extra-anejo tequila. It is hand selected from the Cuervo family’s private collection and is adored by celebs like Adam Levine.  It’s sure to have your favorite bartender head over heels in love!

9. Keurig 2.0.  We know how obsessed your coffee-loving friends are with their Keurig, and the Keurig 2.0 will increase that love tenfold.  The new coffee machine is digital and can make up to FOUR cups of coffee at once… Because we all know a coffee addict can never have just one.

10. Kitchensurfing.  Teach your foodie friends and family a thing or two by hiring a personal chef to come to their kitchen and show them some new skills and recipes!  Kitchensurfing sends top local chefs across the country to prepare amazing gourmet meals right in the comfort of your own home. (Gift cards available!)

What’s you top products for a gift guide for the food lovers in your life?  Leave some suggestions in the comments below!