Ariana Grande Accidentally Got Smacked in the Face by Angel Wings at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and more pretty people.
Oh no! Ariana Grande had a close call with one angel’s wings on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway. It nearly smacked her in the face, and we’ve got photos of the #bangbangintomyface to make you giggle.

The petite singer luckily dodged the angel’s wing and didn’t fall off the stage, but not without making a ugly-cute face that expresses all the emotions one may have about the eponymous lingerie fashion show.

The 21-year-old star was performing her hit song “Bang Bang” in London on Tuesday when Elsa Hosk‘s angel wings almost paraded Ariana off the runway.

Not that that wouldn’t have been funny or anything…but we’re happy Ariana didn’t fall.


Ariana tweeted: