Jimmy Fallon Named ‘Entertainer of the Year’, Says Kim Kardashian Didn’t Break the Internet

Christmas Carols
Reese Witherspoon and Jimmy Fallon hilariously mess up xmas carols, sing together
Entertainment Weekly named Jimmy Fallon “Entertainer of the Year” because no one does viral merry pranks and celebrity hijinks better than Jimmy.

How much entertainment did Jimmy bring as host of the number 1 late-night program, The Tonight Show, in 2014? So much that he could confidently say the Kim Kardashian thing “blew up real quick, but it didn’t really break the Internet. The Internet still works.”

In fact, Jimmy’s been in the midst of so much entertainment that even he forgets the major characters and celebs that have been on the show, who otherwise would be dream meetings for all of his viewers!

Entertainment Weekly writes, “He sang karaoke with Emma Stone, did the Stanky Legg with Will Smith, landed a song with will.i.am on the Hot 100 chart, staged a drum-off between Will Ferrell and a Red Hot Chili Pepper, and exposed Daniel Radcliffe as a skilled rapper. All that’s just from the first page of The Tonight Show’s most popular YouTube videos, where each clip has at least 10 million views…”

In other words, from Facebook to Youtube to Twitter, Jimmy and The Tonight Show has succeeded in going viral.

Jimmy, 40-years-old, took over from Jay Leno only back in February, and has since almost doubled ratings, he says.

Even Jay agrees, who returned as a guest on November 7th, saying “The show feels different. It’s young, it’s music-oriented. He does stuff I couldn’t get away with. At some point, you can’t pretend to know all of Jay Z’s songs anymore.”

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[Photographs by Art Streiber/Entertainment Weekly]