Watch: 2014 Was a Pretty Stunning Year for Movie Trailers

New 'Star Wars' Trailer
'The Force Awakens' is ready for you.
Zac Efron’s abs. The adorable boy from Boyhood. The dragon from How to Train Your Dragon 2.

You saw all of those things if you watched movie trailers — just movie trailers — this year and this year alone.

This week, The Sleepy Skunk unveiled its annual roundup of everything that came on after the familiar bright green advisory screen.

It’s best not to think about how much time was put into the nearly 7-minute video, or how hard it was to match up the songs (nice choice on the V for Vendetta track). But if you’re going to watch anything on YouTube today, let it be this gorgeous mashup of movie trailers from 2014.

People sure love to dance in movies, eh?

Here’s to another year of great movies and movie trailers. Watch the mashup, below.