Adorable Alert! See How Channing Tatum Helped Celebrate Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Birthday

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It doesn’t really seem like Jenna Dewan-Tatum could have many wishes on her 34th birthday yesterday… She’s already married to one of the hottest men alive who loves her unconditionally and with whom she shares an adorable baby girl.

Still, as the birthday queen, she was able to ask for whatever she wanted… And Channing Tatum had to oblige.  So what could she possibly desire?

It's my birthday and hubby does what I want him to

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A pedicure.  Yes, the Step Up actress treated her feet, and instead of going alone, she made her hubby tag along and get his toes done with her!

In the hilarious photo she shared on Instagram, you see Dewan-Tatum smiling from ear-to-ear as Channing puts on a “you caught me!” face in the background with his feet soaking in a tub.  She captioned the sweet snap, “It’s my birthday and hubby does what I want him to.”

Thanks for all the bday wishes!! Feeling all the love! Woke up to this cuteness.

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Earlier in the day, Jenna showed off her husband’s adorable artistic skills, snapping a photo of how Channing woke her up on her birthday morning: with a cake and some notes “drawn” by their daughter Everly (with a little help from the Magic Mike star *wink wink*).

Tatum has always been very open about his everlasting love for Jenna.  Most recently he addressed the swirling divorce rumors that are always smeared on tabloids, saying: “It’s all bullshit.  These people just make it up.”

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