Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Grab Drinks in London: #Haylor News

Haylor: Together Again?
Are the two pop superstars reuniting?
Harry Styles and Taylor Swift just had a secret meeting in London.

After Swift performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she reportedly met up with her former boyfriend and they even had drinks together. Get all of the details below!

When Swift released her new album, 1989, it was rumored that Styles sent her 1,989 roses to celebrate. But, Styles denied those rumors.

Though it does seem that these two are friendly after their 2013 split. After performing her song “Style” (a song about her ex-boyfriend) at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London, Swift attended the after-party with Ellie Goulding.

From there, Swift and her best friends Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge reportedly went to the London Edition hotel and partied in the basement bar. That’s when Styles showed up to hang out with Ed Sheeran and the former couple was reunited.

A source told the Daily Mirror, “All eyes were on Harry and Taylor when they turned up. People were desperate to see how they reacted to one another. It’s really awkward, because they have so many friends who get on with both of them. And it was especially awkward as only a few hours earlier, Taylor had been performing a track that is so blatantly about him. But they were actually fine. It seemed like they’d buried the hatchet. The drinks were flowing until 3am, when they snuck out of a rear exit five minutes apart to avoid being pictured together.”

So, while the couple might not be back together, it sounds like they’re at least on good terms.

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