Iggy Azalea Fires Back at Azealia Banks and Twitter Trolls in Unexpected Manner

Azealia Shades Big Butts
Azealia Banks has things to say about girls with big butts.
At first it looked like Iggy Azalea wasn’t going to give Azealia Banks the time of day after the latter took to Twitter to slam the female rapper for not caring enough about black people and saying she’d like to “fill a jar with piss and mayo and eggs and just dump that shit” on her head… But when other Twitter trolls decided to hop in on the beef, Iggy couldn’t help but spill her opinion, and we’re glad she did.

Without even meaning to, Iggy trolled her critics back in an unexpectedly mature and productive manner, explaining that Twitter isn’t the grounds she uses to make a difference.

Iggy rightfully called Banks out for not trying to spark change in a more meaningful manner:











Azealia Banks has yet to respond to Iggy’s latest tweets.

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