Justin Bieber Moves Out of Beverly Hills Condo After Driving Neighbors Crazy

Justin Bieber can't follow the rules of the road.
Justin Bieber has moved out of his infamous Beverly Hills condo.

The 20-year-old singer got into a lot of trouble with his neighbors while he was living in his penthouse apartment. Now, it’s being reported that the singer has left, and his former neighbors are very happy! Get all of the details below!

Bieber just moved into the condo in June, but he’s already leaving. While living at the Beverly Hills condo, Bieber got the cops called on him multiple times. The police even showed up to Bieber’s place twice in one night!

It sounds like Bieber finally decided to find a new place to live, because TMZ is reporting he left the condo on Monday. When neighbors heard the news, let’s just say they were pretty happy. They sent around an email, and there’s even talk of a party being thrown in celebration.

Bieber just went on a religious mission, so maybe finding a new place to live is just a part of his journey? What do you think about this news? Sound off in the comments!