You’ll Never Guess How Much Seth Rogen and James Franco Were Paid for ‘The Interview’

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Hackers who’ve recently broken into Sony Pictures’ computers not only released several never-before-seen movies in their entirety but also the salary information of some of its biggest stars.

According to the latest documents posted on the file-sharing site Pastebin, Seth Rogen and James Franco made a killing off their forthcoming comedy, The Interview. Rogen was reportedly paid more than $8.4 million, while his longtime friend Franco received $6.5 million. Meanwhile, Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Kevin Federline, made out with $5,000 for his cameo in the movie, which centers around two journalists who are sent to North Korean to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

The files also disclosed where a majority of the flick’s $44 million budget went, including $241 on a prop “table of weed, coke, pills and panties.”

Aside from releasing private paycheck information, hackers have also leaked Sony Pictures films such as Annie (out Dec. 19)Still Alice (due out Jan. 16, 2015), and To Write Love on Her Arms (to be released March 2015). Though already in theaters, Brad Pitt’s Fury has also made its way online for illegal download.

“The theft of Sony Pictures Entertainment content is a criminal matter, and we are working closely with law enforcement to address it,” a Sony rep told CNBC.

According to production insiders, promotion for The Interview will still continue as planned. The movie is due out Christmas Day.