Ariana Grande Rescues a Dog Named Cinnamon

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Ariana Grande’s family just got a little bigger.

The “Love Me Harder” singer, who is already the proud owner for four dogs, as added yet another pup to her canine clan. Sharing a photo of her new pet on Instagram, Grande explains that she just had to adopt her new furry friend when she found up at a local dog rescue.

“This is Cinnamon! She’s 5 months old & is the sweetest baaaaabe. she was found in a box on the side of the street a few months ago & has been living in a rescue ever since. Now she lives with me & my other babies,” the 21-year-old writes. “She will be safe, spoiled and loved unconditionally!!!!!! Absolutely shatters my heart how somebody could toss an innocent creature aside like that. Nothing hurts my heart more. We love you so so much Cinnamon. Welcome to the grande family my babe.”

Cinnamon joins Grande’s other dogs Fawkes, Ophelia and Toulouse.