Lucy Hale Dishes on Her Beauty Tips and Tricks

Lucy Hale Inks Music Deal
The 'PLL' star working with Hollywood Records.
Lucy Hale has become one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses and a beauty icon for women everywhere.

So how does she maintain such flawless skin and perfect hair?  The 25-year-old dished her top beauty tips on Yahoo Beauty’s brand new “Beauty Story” video series, revealing her tricks to feeling confident in her own skin.

She starts off acknowledging that her favorite physical feature on herself are her brow–and we totally agree.  Her brow game is on point!  But she wasn’t always super confident about them, saying,  “As a little kid, I hated them, but now it’s like the thing I love most about myself just because it sets me apart.”

Speaking of her childhood, as a kid she says her idea of beauty was a pink tutu and red lipstick!

“I would sneak into my grandmother’s bathroom.  She had this gorgeous vanity, and she had a classic red lipstick and I would always try to apply it myself,” Hale recalls.

While she continues in her acting career, Hale has also taken on a new endeavor in music, which keeps her very busy.  How does she balance a healthy lifestyle with work?

“You know, it’s sleep, water and surrounding myself with people I enjoy,” she answers.  “Living the lifestyle that I do and being here and being there and traveling… It’s kind of tricky to maintain good skin, but it’s sort of just finding those moments for yourself, [which] for me is taking my makeup off as soon as I can.  I have really sensitive skin.”

As of late, the young brunette has been trying lots of new things with her style.  She most recently chopped her hair into the ever-trending long bob (A.K.A. lob) and added some highlights.  She’s also been experimenting with new lipstick shades, going gothic-dark while hosting the American Music Awards last month.

However, her favorite red carpet look is still one of her go-to styles she’s always loved: a bright red lip!

“My favorite red carpet look ever was at the CMA’s this past year.  I wore a red dress and I wore a red lip.  It was actually the exact same shade as the dress, which was a no brainer–that’s why I chose it!”

Make sure to watch her full interview in the video above, and check out her top 5 “beauty survival” goodies below!