This Week’s Instant Follow Friday Is Dedicated to Karlie Kloss, ‘Fashion’s Sweetest Supermodel’

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Selena Gomez comforted by Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Karlie Kloss

This week’s Instant Follow Friday is dedicated to the all-star model and A-lister Karlie Kloss!

Karlie has been modeling since the age of 14; now 22 and a seasoned supermodel, Kloss is best friends with the ubiquitous Taylor Swift, a Victoria’s Secret Angel four years and counting, has been the face of a variety of couture lines, like Dior, L’Oreal Paris, and Oscar de la Renta, and has collaborated with brands like Warby Parker and Momofuku Milk Bar. Plus, not only has she graced the runways; Karlie’s a cover girl, having been featured on Vogue, Lucky, LIFE, W, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

Karlie’s a classic beauty who’s working constantly; browse through her Instagram and you’ll find yourself seeing what life is like for a top supermodel turned household named celeb. Really, you’ll see her face everywhere.

One of’s Top “New Supers”, Karlie and her 6’1″ frame is honored in this week’s Instant Follow Friday not just because she’s a successful, beautiful model.

We’re dedicating this to Karlie because she has a reputation of being “fashion’s sweetest supermodel”. Like the baking cookies, girl next-door kind of sweet. Kloss even attended her high school prom back in St. Louis in 2011. Mind you, Karlie has been an industry hit since 2008!

Gabrielle Revere, who followed and photographed Kloss over a span of 4 months in 2011 for a LIFE magazine photo essay, even travelled with Kloss back home to St. Louis for her prom.

Revere noted, “Karlie never lost the home-sweet-home values that define her. She was determined to keep that area of her life. At that point I knew I wasn’t just photographing any model. I was photographing someone with passion and integrity. It made me want to photograph her every second of every day.”

Karlie went from her prom to the Met gala to Paris for fashion week. Nowadays, not much has changed; she’s a full-time model/Swift BFF, who also spends some of her free time learning how to code. Yup, #nerdalert.

Karlie’s Instagram is therefore one dynamic account. On the one hand, you’ll see her and tons of her celeb/model friends; after all, she’s part of our favorite celeb BFF couple with Taylor Swift. On the other hand, you’ll get to see into the life of just another 22-year-old making it (albeit making it BIG TIME) in New York – from Karlie’s Kookies, to travelling the world, to the backstage of fashion’s biggest, most notorious events.

Follow her here on Instagram @karliekloss and on twitter @karliekloss!

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