Was Taylor Swift Kissing Karlie Kloss Last Night? See the Photo Everyone’s Talking About!

Taylor's Best Friends
Meet the people Taylor Swift calls BFFs.
Taylor Swift and her best friend Karlie Kloss attended The 1975 concert in New York City last night.

While there, fans spotted Swift and Kloss and took pictures of them. One fan’s picture even makes it look like the two are kissing! So, were they really making out? Or, is it just the angle photo making it look like they’re making out? Take a look at the picture below and find out what Swift’s reps had to say!

Swift is rumored to be dating The 1975’s Matt Healy. So, when Swift showed up, it caught everyone’s attention. But, now more people are talking about her relationship with her BFF than her relationship with Healy. Why? Because of the photo below!

Here’s the pictures one fan posted on Twitter.

But, we can reveal that Swift and Kloss weren’t kissing. Her reps told Gossip Cop that the story is “hilarious.” Swift and Kloss are just best friends! What do you think about this story? Sound off in the comments!