Nicki Minaj Has an Almost Nip Slip on Instagram

Nicki Minaj opens up about the son she gave up.
As if she doesn’t already have enough wardrobe malfunctions under her belt already, Nicki Minaj has gotten dangerously close to violating Instagram’s nudity policies with her latest sexy selfie.

You’ve really just got to see the pictures for yourself. And yes, we say pictures because the rapper apparently wasn’t happy with one or either of them and shared two just to make her point.

The massive amount of cleavage aside, it’s the slight hint of a lace-covered nipple that has the internet abuzz this weekend.

What’s surprising to us though, is that anyone is surprised by the “Anaconda” singer’s affinity for showing off the curves that have arguably made her the mega celebrity she is today.

In case that eyeful wasn’t enough, don’t forget that Nicki is the musical guest on tonight’s  James Franco-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live.

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