‘Entourage’ Star Adrian Grenier Enjoys Some Shirtless Fun in the Miami Sun

How excited are you for the big screen debut of 'Entourage?'
With just six more months until Entourage makes its big screen debut, star Adrian Grenier took some time to enjoy a little fun in the sun with a few of his friends.

And those shirtless smiles don’t lie, it’s pretty clear he’s glad to have been showing off for the cameras.

Spotted Saturday on Miami Beach, the actor enjoyed the company of his family and friends…at least according to his mention of the trip on Twitter.

What’s funny is the fact that this seems to be a tradition of the actor. Almost a year ago exactly, he was spotting on the same beach in a very similar pair of green swim trunks (albeit the new pair are stylishly shorter).

Check out all of the photos from this trip in the gallery above and make sure to let us know what you think of Adrian’s beach body in the comments below!