Breaking Hair News: Zosia Mamet Goes From Blonde to Gray

'Girls' S4 BTS
The 'Girls' cast talk about HBO series' fourth season.
Zosia Mamet just dyed her hair!

The Girls actress went from brunette to blonde earlier this year, and now she just went from blonde to gray! Check out the photo below to see Mamet’s new hair!

We just showed you the new trailer for the fourth season of Girls this morning, and now we have more breaking news from one of the show’s cast members. Mamet has changed up her look, and we have a picture to show you!

Here’s a photo of Mamet’s new hair color.

Zosia Mamet

(Splash News)

Mamet revealed the reason behind her new hair color. She told Us Weekly, “I got bored. I had very long ‘brown virgin hair’ my whole life, and after I got to be blonde for a play that I did, I loved it and wanted to do something different.”

The actress went on to say that she got her hair inspiration on the subway! Mamet revealed, “I would often be on the subway and see girls with various hair colors and be super envious of that color. So I just decided that I wanted to do the colors that I always wanted.”

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Plus, you can watch the fourth season of Girls when it premieres on Jan. 11, 2015 on HBO!