A Touching Tribute to Diem Brown, Cuba Gooding Jr to Play O.J. Simpson: A Roundup

Diem Brown Receives a Touching Tribute From a Former Co-Star

Following a long battle with cancer, MTV star Diem Brown passed away on Nov. 14. She receives a touching tribute from Davis Mallory, who appeared alongside her on The Duel 2. Watch the video on Us Weekly.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Will Play O.J. Simpson in New Ryan Murphy Show

Ryan Murphy announced his new non-fiction anthology crime series, about the infamous O.J. Simpson murder case, back in October. Now, the series finally has its main cast. More details on the casting on Huffington Post.

Chevy Chase Claims He’s Returning to Community After 2012 Exit

Is Pierce Hawthorne making a comeback? Chevy Chase seems to think so! The Saturday Night Live alum claimed in a recent Reddit AMA that he will be reprising his role on Community in its upcoming sixth season. Us Weekly has the details.

Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza-Themed Band, the Pizza Underground, Releases an Official Music Video

Today we get our first look at The Pizza Underground‘s first official music video for their song “All The Pizza Parties.” Like the band’s name, All The Pizza Parties is inspired by the Velvet Underground. See the video on Pink is the New Blog.

Police Investigating Rapper Earl Hayes, Vh1 Star Stephanie Moseley’s Deaths in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Married entertainers were found dead together Monday, and a famous boxer may have witnessed their violent end via an iPhone video chat. Fox News has more on the story.

Dad plays Facial Hair Dress Up with Baby, Baby Loves the Results!

The video caption reads, “What happens when my wife leave me alone with a baby.” As long as the baby got a kick out of it, why not? Watch the video on Aww Cute LOL.