Aaron Paul Surprises His Wife on Her Birthday

Aaron Paul's Proposal
Aaron Paul helps out a fan propose.
We’ve already pinned Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Paul as the absolute cutest couple in the world… So no matter what they do, they’ll always be adorable, and last night was no exception!

The Breaking Bad star scheduled an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday, which also happened to be Lauren’s 28th birthday, and of course Paul had something up his sleeve to honor his “pretty bird” (yes, that is what he calls her).

In the middle of his interview, Aaron pulled the Kind Campaign founder on stage as Kimmel tried making some of her birthday wishes come true… He didn’t even come close.  But hey! We laughed, and we got to see our favorite couple laugh together, too, which warmed our cold, bitter hearts for the moment.

Aaron also took to Instagram to share a sweet message for the love of his life on her special day.  He wrote: “Happy birthday to my pretty little [email protected] You have changed my life and have single handedly made this world a kinder place (thank you for that) and we are all better off to simply know that you exist. I like you a lot and I hope you have a really fun birthday. Hugs and kisses all over your pretty little face.”

I mean… Can you even!?