Julia Roberts is the New Face of Givenchy Spring ’15

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Julia Roberts is a supermodel now, and a sexy, cool, androgynous one at that.

The Oscar winning actress was revealed to be the new face of Givenchy for their Spring 2015 campaign, and the first pictures are amazing.

Julia Roberts is a supermodel, the new face of Givenchy Spring 2015 with Riccardo Tisci

Creative Director Riccardo Tisci spoke to Yahoo Style about the breaking news and why he chose the actress.

Julia was my first choice for a few reasons; I think that she represents such a mature woman. With each campaign for Givenchy, I’m always trying to make a difference. A lot of people see Givenchy as only “haute couture,” or only “street and urban.” For me, Julia is many things. She has this strength as an actress, but she’s also this beautiful American woman.  She’s a big star, but she’s not a paparazzi or a blog monster. It’s going to be my tenth year at Givenchy in March, so I wanted to represent the woman who is more mature, beautiful, talented, but also unpretentious.

Julia, 47, went casually boyish and makeup-free for the shoot with photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, wearing Tisci’s sleek “iconic” tuxedo and “classic Givenchy”.

“This is what women know and buy Givenchy for,” he said. “She also wears this black and white chemise dress, which is another iconic look…You know, the boxy jacket, the black dress with the white collar, the lace shirts and the masculine trousers. It’s this kind of mixing of masculine and feminine. Julia does this a lot in her films. She really has to think about transforming herself a lot; she’s very versatile.”

Past non-model celebrities for Givenchy’s print campaigns include: the ‘grandmother of performance art’ Marina Abramovic; singer Erykah Badu; and French actress Isabelle Huppert.

About the fashion industry and Riccardo, Julia told Yahoo Style modestly, “[Riccardo is] so sweet. He’s in an industry that I find very intimidating and elusive—just like the good-looking girl in high school. The whole fashion industry is that to me. And then you meet these people who are so kind, love what they do, and are very interested in the personal aspects of it. You know, the way you look, it’s so personal. Riccardo put me very much at ease. And Mert and Marcus are just the most fun people to spend a day with.”

Julia Roberts is a supermodel, the new face of Givenchy Spring 2015 with Riccardo Tisci

As for the clothes and designs she modeled, “Well, they were so beautiful, and they’re all so impeccable. Trends and I never shall meet; I just can’t quite pull it off!”

She added, “That’s why I love a suit. That’s why I love impeccable tailoring and really perfect fabrics. He did it all. That black, flowy blouse? It’s heaven on a hanger. It’s like a piece of artwork.”

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Photo Credit: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot for Givenchy