Watch: MSNBC Host Reports on Furries, Walks Off Set in Giggle Fest

News Bloopers
Live television is hard.
Sometimes you report on something that you have completely no expertise in. Such as furry conventions.

And sometimes you can’t maintain your composure like Willie Geist and you see yourself out, even if the cameras are still rolling.

On Monday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brezezinski began reporting on a segment about a furry convention in Chicago when she asked her fellow anchors, “Did I get that wrong?”

No, dear Mika. You did not. In fact, you got it so right that you completely lost it on air and now have become everybody’s favorite blooper (of the week, anyway).

As Time points out, the Midwest FurFest is the second largest convention for those interested in “facilitate[ing] education in anthropomorphic literature, art and performance.”

Got that Mika?

Watch her report, below.