Rihanna Blesses Us With Another Snippet of New Music

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Hear a snippet from Rihanna's forthcoming eighth LP.
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Just weeks after Rihanna gave us our first taste of what “R8″ — what many fans are dubbing as the singer’s forthcoming eighth album — is going to be, we have been blessed again with more music.

Taking to Instagram Tuesday, BadGalRiRi shares a short video of what many in the Rihanna Navy suspect is a new song called “Kiss It Better.” In the clip, the 26-year-old is heard singing “kiss it, kiss it, better” accompanied by a guitarist.

While word is still out on when her next album will be released, Rihanna continues to troll fans by teasing out R8 — even going so far as to sharing this little acknowledgment of us plebes begging for new music.

Come on, Ri. Don’t play us like this.

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