Toni Garrn Goes Topless in Racy ‘GQ’ Shoot After Leo DiCaprio Takes Home 20 Models

Leo's Dance Moves
Watch Leonardo DiCaprio awkwardly dance to MGMT.
Toni Garrn and Leonardo DiCaprio are allegedly still dating… Even though the actor reportedly took home 20 models after leaving a party in Miami this weekend.

But what’s 20 models compared to a world of men who will definitely be looking at the new, topless photos of Garrn that were just released today?

The Victoria’s Secret model showed off all her assets in a new shoot for GQ magazine, opening up about her care-free lifestyle and (ironically) her plans to leave Leo if he doesn’t want a family in the future.

Garrn, who has been dating DiCaprio on and off for the last two years, says she absolutely adores the fact that she can do anything and go anywhere whenever she wants.

“I make plans—I never just do nothing,” she explains in her GQ interview.  “A weekend off?! Let’s go somewhere. Let’s fly somewhere,” she says. “I kind of know one day I’ll have responsibilities and not be able to do this. But I don’t have a dog.  I don’t even have a plant. I have nothing to take care of, which I love. One day I want it to be different, of course.”

Meaning, one day she’ll eventually want to settle down and start a family.

“I’m a family person, and I always wanted four kids,” she reveals.  “But we’ll see. We’ll start with one at some point, I don’t know.”

And if Leo would rather take home 20 models instead of go home to a family at some point in the future?  Well, we’re sure Garrn will be off making new pans with someone else.

Launch the gallery above to see more photos from her racy GQ shoot.