Michelle Williams Reveals Blue Ivy’s Cutest Moment

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Blue Ivy's Lavish Life
Jay-Z raps about daughter's swanky lifestyle.
Being besties with Beyoncé, Auntie Michelle Williams is #blessed to be able to witness some of Blue Ivy‘s cutest every day moments that we’re so jealous we have to miss!

The 34-year-old singer sat down with Us Weekly in a “1 Minute Interview” and revealed her cutest moment with the totally adorable tot.

“She just looked at me one day and just said, ‘You are so pretty!'” Williams recalled with a big smile on her face.  “And children tell the truth!”

In the short but sweet interview she also answered a couple other rapid-fire questions, including her thoughts on the world’s obsession with da booty right now.

“Before no one wanted a big butt; now you want a big butt!”  She says, likely referring to artists like Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez who have all recently released songs about their famous derrieres.  “Enough already!” Williams exclaims.

Launch the video above to see her full interview and find out her favorite Destiny’s Child song!