Please Enjoy This Video of Tommy the Shiba Inu Trying to Take a Bath

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Watch a black labrador interrupt a soccer game in Argentina.
It must be another good week because folks we’ve got another cute animal bath time video to show you.

Tommy the Shiba Inu is already one of the most popular animals on Instagram. So when his owners took a video of him during before bath time, it was an instant hit. And we’re not talking about his adorable doggy face.

You see Tommy anticipated his contact with water a little too early and well, this magical gem was born.

12月のかめ。 #マル子 #柴犬 #shiba #かめマル子

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Don’t worry, he eventually made it into the actual pup-sized tub:

呆然。 #マル子 #柴犬 #shiba #かめマル子

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BRB going to see how much it costs to take proper care of a Shiba Inu. Happy Wednesday.

[h/t 22 Words]