‘The Bachelor’ Chris Soules Promises He Won’t be Anything Like Juan Pablo Galavis

Let’s be honest here: everyone pretty much came to hate Juan Pablo Galavis after his season on The Bachelor–which ended up being one of the most controversial seasons in franchise history.

So ABC really needed to pick the perfect guy in order to move forward in a more positive direction this season, and I’d say Chris Soules is looking like a winner… Especially because he’s not afraid to call out Juan Pablo for being an asshole.

Soules is promising Bachelor Nation that he won’t be following in his predecessor’s footsteps.  In a recent interview, he explained how he plans to do things differently.

“I think going into this I felt very humbled and pretty excited for the opportunity and grateful for the opportunity,” Chris explained to reporters, shading JPG for his lack of appreciation he showed at the cringe-worthy final rose ceremony earlier this year. “For me, this is a big deal. To meet 30 incredible women was a big deal to me and I took a lot of pride in the process because it’s very important for me to find a wife.”

The super hunk continued, “That is probably my biggest goal at this point in my life and going into this process: I was going to make the most of every second and treat every woman with the respect that they deserve. I think that that’s one thing from what I saw in how Juan Pablo handled things…maybe not with the most respect for some of the women and not as much respect for the process that it deserved. I think we were very different in regard.”

~*~Pause for the applause~*~

The season premiere of The Bachelor kicks off on Jan, 5, during which Soules will meet 30 girls (the most there’s ever been) in one, “overwhelming,” long night (as he describes it).

We can’t wait to tune in!