WATCH: Shailene Woodley Still a Badass in First ‘Insurgent’ Full Trailer

A month after the teaser sent fans into a frenzy, the first official full trailer has finally been released for Insurgent!

The upcoming film is the second installment of the Divergent franchise, based on the bestselling books by Veronica Roth, and follows Shailene Woodley as the main character Tris and Theo James as Four doing some serious badass things to stop evil, power-hungry members of society like Kate Winslet (who plays Jeanine Matthews).

The duo are living in a futuristic Chicago where people are divided into factions based upon their personal strengths (intelligence, bravery, selflessness, etc), but when they both desert their factions, they’re forced to fight for their lives.

The trailer features lots of action, a few love scenes, guns, fights and jumping off buildings… All of it leaving viewers wanting more and more!

Insurgent hits theaters on March 20, 2015 and will be released in both 3D and 2D.

Watch the full trailer above.