Platinum Blonde Justin Bieber Hangs Out Poolside and Shirtless at his New Beverly Hills Mansion

Still Loves Biebs
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As if he wants to prove to us all that blondes really do have more fun, Justin Bieber was spotted hanging by the pool with his pals, soaking in the sun shirtless, doing a little bit of wrestling, and keeping his cute blonde locks wet and tousled.

The Biebs just moved into the landmark glass mansion, after leaving his former condo for bad behavior – and $60K a month in rent later, looks like he’s enjoying himself.

Justin can, of course, afford this lavish lifestyle of his despite being so young because he was one of 2014’s highest paid musicians, earning $80 million this year.

The stunning glass house, which leaves Justin with complete transparency, was designed by architect Ed Niles. Justin has signed a short-term lease for the place, but at least any parties he throws at the sprawling mansion won’t bother any neighbors!

Rumored new girlfriend not-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin didn’t partake in the poolside shenanigans.

So what do you think? Is the platinum blonde look hot…or not?