The Top 10 Holiday Trends Inspired by Celebs

With the holidays, parties, dinners and reunions in full swing, not only is it overwhelming for our schedule, but it’s also a lot for our closet.  Deciding what to wear to which event can be more difficult than actually planning it!

Thankfully we have celebrity stylist and certified image consultant Laurie Brucker here as a guest blogger to help us out!  Laurie, who CBS named one of Los Angeles’ best personal stylists in 2013, is breaking down the top trends for the season.  Check it out:

The holidays are the happiest time of the year!  It’s all about family, friends, food, and of course, the parties! And it’s my job to make sure you are the most fabulous at every, single one of those functions.  So let’s brush up on the holiday trends that are fun, easy to style and will make a statement wherever you go.

Just remember: When styling up with your holiday trends, pick what you love, only wear one trend at a time and rock your best confidence–because the more of that you have, the more you will shine in your holiday outfit!

Launch the gallery above to see the top 10 trends of the season and how to wear them.

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