Kensington Palace Releases Official Christmas Photos of Prince George — See How Much He’s Grown!

William and Kate mingle with Beyonce and Jay-Z in NYC.
They grow up so fast!

And in the case of Prince George, the little royal is growing up in front of the world’s eyes. Thankfully though, he’s one dapper little guy and is killing us softly with those chubby cheeks of his.

In advance of Christmas, Kensington Palace released the snaps above, showing William and Kate’s first born son looking all sorts of adorable on the steps outside his home.

What’s crazy is how much the little Prince looks like his father at that age. It really is uncanny. Take a scroll down the Google rabbit hole if you don’t believe us.

The photo comes mere days after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are currently expecting their second child, spent some time in New York City last week. And we don’t think there’s any better way they could have capped off their trip abroad.