Britney Spears Traveled Back to the 90s For her ‘Women’s Health’ Cover Shoot

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Britney Bikinis
Britney Spears flaunted her bikini in Malibu.
Britney Spears traveled back in time for her latest magazine spread.

In a first glimpse of her cover shoot for the Jan./Feb. 2015 edition of Women’s Health Magazine, the 33-year-old mom looks oddly familiar to her 16-year-old self again–like actually,  it could easily be a photo from the 90s.


Wearing a lavender crop top that shows off her belly button ring and toned tummy with faded jeans and voluptuous blonde hair, we can’t help but go back to 1998 with the pic.  Not to mention, Brit’s face looks about 10 years younger.

But we aren’t hating on the Princess of Pop!  She really does look amazing–photoshop or no photoshop–and we’re glad to see her showing off her rockin’ bod!

Inside the magazine, Brit reveals her slim figure in another crop top and tiny pair of booty shorts, sharing her personal work out and dieting tips.  She says she’s in the best shape of her life and reveals how she’s done it all without a personal trainer.

Meanwhile, the “Work Bitch” singer has also made headlines with news that she and Iggy Azalea have been working on a collaboration.  The rapper says the song should be released at the beginning of next year and she thinks it’s “undeniably great.”

Can’t wait!