Miley Cyrus Hospitalized for Wrist Injury, Shares Really Graphic Photo of Cyst

Miley's Hospital Stay
Miley Cyrus takes you inside her hospital room.
Inappropriate Miley
Miley Cyrus' most inappropriate moments.
The year 2014 has been full of hospital visits for Miley Cyrus.

After suffering from a severe allergic reaction that put her out of commission for quite some time in spring, the “We Can’t Stop” singer is back in treatment for a wrist injury.

And like a true millennial, Cyrus has taken it upon herself to document her latest hospital visit — even going so far as to sharing a snapshot of the doctors cutting up a cyst in her left forearm. Warning: the following photo is very graphic and not safe for life.

*The smiley face has been Photoshopped in by Cyrus, obviously. Regardless, it doesn’t really make the fact that we can see the inside of her arm any less disturbing.

According to TMZ, Cyrus went in a hospital in Tarzana, Calif., for treatment Friday. Sources say that it was a simple outpatient procedure for a cyst that had been giving her problems for a while. No additional procedures are said to be required.

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