Scarlett Johansson Tells Barbara Walters She Doesn’t Know What it Means to be Sexy

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10 things you need to know about Scarlett Johansson
The extraordinarily beautiful Scarlett Johansson made Barbara Walters’ annual 10 Most Fascinating People list, and spoke about not wanting to be thought of as an “object of desire” with the renown journalist during her interview.

Scarlett, who secretly wed Romain Dauriac on October 1st, just had her first child in September. Known as one of the sexiest women alive, the actress and new mother candidly spoke about body image and being “sexy”, keeping her private life private, the “secret to doing a realistic sex scene”, and what the biggest misconception is about her.

She plays the Black Widow in the Marvel comics movie franchise (Avengers: Age of Ultron is up next), and she just starred in the eccentric ass-kicking movie Lucy, and that’s only part of her laundry list of superb movie roles.

About 3-month-old Rose Dorothy, Scarlett said “the love is just unbelievable, it’s very overwhelming”. She also said nursing was “the best way to get back in shape”.

Barbara recites superlatively that “Scarlett Johansson is a full-fledged old fashioned movie star. She’s glamorous, but down to earth; natural, but naughty; savvy, but sensual; and above all, sexy.”

In Scarlett’s opinion, sexiness eludes her. “I never put on a sexy face, so I don’t know what it means to be  – to act – seductively.”

Barbara asks if she likes her body, to which she says, “It’s an okay body, I guess, I wouldn’t say it’s particularly remarkable.”

With a laugh, Barbara says appreciatively, “From where I’m sitting, it [all] looks okay”.

In spite of her sex symbol status, Scarlett wishes to be known only as an “actress for hire”, and not an “object of desire”. As early as age 3, being an actress was her dream (and remarkably, Scarlett has been acting since the age of 8).

At 17, Scarlett starred in her breakout role, the low-budget Lost in Translation directed by Sofia Coppola (and also starring Bill Murray). And it was there that Scarlett found her “niche in independent film, which is much more forgiving…than mainstream film”.

The secret to doing a realistic sex scene, says Scarlett, is “You have to be totally without judgement, and it’s sort of liberating. It’s challenging. You’ve just got to stay in the moment.”

Though she’s no stranger to baring it all on screen, Scarlett isn’t one who’s apt being an open book. “I live a pretty low-key lifestyle. I’ve always held my cards sort of close to my chest when it came to my private life. Occasionally, there’s been little outbursts here and there.”

“I don’t think human beings are monogamous by nature. I think being in a committed relationship takes work,” Scarlett added. “It’s challenging. But when it works, it’s really worth it.”

The greatest takeaway from Scarlett’s phenomenal interview, which Barbara underlines, is to not forget how good of an actress Scarlett is (in light of being blinded by her sheer sexuality in her roles).

Watch the entire amazing interview in the video below!

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