When Will Nicki Minaj Settle Down and Have a Family?

Nicki Minaj just rang in her 32nd birthday, and it’s safe to say she’s already accomplished quite a bit in her time: many highly-esteemed awards in the hip hop industry, record-breaking music videos and booming businesses.

So when will the rapper be ready to take a break, settle down and start a family?

Not any time soon.

Nicki joined Ellen DeGeneres early Monday morning and got to chatting about her future, a family and when she’ll decide to finally take a break from work.

“People always ask me when are you going to slow down,” the Pinkprint artist explains.  “So I figured to think of like an astronimical amount of money and tell the that so they would stop asking me.  So whenever I make $500 million.

However, Nicki also says she’ll take a break when she’s ready to start her family.

“I will have a famly even if I don’t have $500 million, but if I’m not taking a breaking for family, it would have to be because of $500 million,” she says with a laugh.

Of course Ellen couldn’t help but remind her that starting a family isn’t necessarily going to be a break.  It will be exhausting!

“I know,” Minaj responded.  “But I want a cute, little fat baby! I mean, not now, but one day I want a cute, fat baby.”

And if it’s not fat? “Then I don’t want it,” Nicki says jokingly.

The rapper isn’t in any rush to get things going with a family right now because she’s very content with where she’s at–just releasing a brand new album–for the first time in a long time.

“Now I realize why I had so much of an emotional year,” she explained.  “I mean I was writing my album, and I think I needed to grow as a human being.  And now because of it, I just feel better.  I feel more peaceful.  I fee like I’ve gotten rid of things that were not healthy for me.”

As you may recall, Minaj recently broken things off with her long-time boyfriend Safaree Samuels after she reportedly smashed up his car with a baseball bat.

Watch her talk having babies in the video above!