Charlie Hunnam Talks Taking Naked Selfies

Charlie Hunnam broke our hearts when he stepped away from taking on all the nudity that’s likely about to transpire in Fifty Shades of Grey, but he’s definitely not one to shy away from nude scenes all the time.  In fact, the hunky actor has bared his butt many times on FX’s Sons of Anarachy (RIP)… So we know he’s cool with taking it off.

But what about taking it all off for naked selfies to send to his girlfriend?

Unfortunately for us, the chance that someone will hack into his iCloud and leak his naked pics is a no-go.

“I just got an iPhone last year. I love Apple products, but I don’t use the cloud,” he tells Cosmopolitan magazine. “I don’t trust it, so you won’t find any nude photos from me personally.”

As you definitely recall, over the summer, celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian had naked photos stolen from their iCloud account and distributed online.  In fact, J. Law became the No. 1 top searched celebrity online due to the leak.

But his lack of nudies doesn’t mean that the chance of EVER seeing Hunnam totally naked is utterly impossible.

“It’s much more likely that I’d be followed somewhere and had taken off all my clothes to jump in a pool of water on a hike or something,” the blonde badass confesses. “I’m not doing any home photo shoots.”

And speaking of being a badass, Hunnam is hoping that with the end of SoA, he’ll be able to show off who is really is as a person.

“I play a lot of tough guys and violent characters, but I’m not like that at all. I’m a hippie who smiles a lot and is pretty relaxed,” he explains.  “I’ve often had an escape fantasy that I would go out into the woods by myself for a year or two and discover who I am and what life is about.”

We’d like to join you out there, Charlie…