Is Nicki Minaj Dating Meek Mill?

Nicki's Jewish Boyfriend
Nicki Minaj proves she's not anti-semitic by getting a Jewish beau.
First it was Lil Wayne, then it was Drake, now there’s speculation that Nicki Minaj is dating yet another rapper…

While visiting Los Angeles radio station Power 106 on Monday, the hosts asked about her two collaborations with Meek Mill on her just-released album The PinkPrint and couldn’t help but question whether or not they are romantically involved…

“Whoa! What are you talking about?” The female rapper responded when the show’s DJ Big Boy asked the audience if they thought Minaj was dating Mill.  “Why would you ask them that?”

The hosts explained that rumors had been circulating about the duo ever since news of the collaborations had been released.

“We’re just friends,” a perplexed Minaj finally said.

Meanwhile, the “Anaconda” rapper also joined Ellen DeGeneres on Monday and got to chatting about her future and starting a family.  While she’s still far from taking a break from her music to settle down, she did say she wants a “cute, fat baby” later on!

Watch her talk Meek Mill rumors in the video above.